What is Floodwood Dollars for Scholars?

Floodwood Dollars for Scholars is a community scholarship program for graduates of Floodwood High School or any resident of the Floodwood School District pursuing a post-secondary education.

Our purpose is to provide financial assistance to hometown students who continue their education after high school. Costs to attend college and technical schools continue to escalate, placing the dream of advanced education out of reach for many students. Scholarships awarded from Floodwood Dollars for Scholars help make that dream a reality. ...


Who belongs to Floodwood Dollars for Scholars?

Our chapter is a group of community volunteers who are committed to helping students expand their access to educational opportunities.

Our chapter operates in accordance with the by-laws, legal status, policies and procedures of Scholarship America and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


How is Dollars for Scholars Funded?

There are several sources of funding for the Floodwood Dollars for Scholars chapter.

A major source of funds are raised through seeking alumni, business, organization, and local contributions.  The chapter accepts memorials, trusts, and grants to establish an enduring foundation for a permanent scholarship.

Another source of funds is provided by an annual Phone-A-Thon, where high school students make calls one night a year to donors who have been supporting Dollars for Scholars on an individual basis.

These sources of annual income raised by Floodwood Dollars for Scholars are invested in stocks and bonds. The amount of income returned from these investments is used to fund the annual scholarships awarded each year to our local students pursuing a post-secondary education. 

All contributions to Floodwood Dollars for Scholars are tax deductible to the extent provided by state and federal laws.


How many scholarships are awarded each year?

In an average year, about 35 to 40 scholarships are awarded ranging from $200 to $2500.

Since the inception of Floodwood Dollars for Scholars in 1987, nearly $300,000 has been awarded to over 600 students, to further their education.

Through the generous donations of alumni, we have secured well over $50,000 for our permanent endowment fund and several hundred dollars in scholarship monies have already been awarded from interest earned.  


How are scholarships awarded?

Students must apply for a Dollars for Scholars scholarship. The selection process takes into consideration academic achievement, school activities, faculty appraisal, community service, work experiences, family situation and a written statement of goals and aspirations.


How can you support the Floodwood Dollars for Scholars program?

Make a contribution. Become a volunteer. Encourage students to apply.

Your financial contributions of any size are encouraged to ensure the availability of scholarship funds for years to come. Your gift to Dollars for Scholars is an investment in our community. Floodwood needs the talents and gifts of our young people if we are to continue to grow and prosper. Click on the "Donate Now" Button on the top of the page to make a tax deductible donation.



Floodwood Dollars for Scholars

PO Box 226

Floodwood, MN  55736